Monday, June 1, 2009

Babies, Homes, Romance and More!

As usual we have had a crazy and FUN last few weeks. It seems there is always something going and with Riley gone for his internship a few days a week we cram our days when he is home! Here are a few updates....
Baby #1
Baby Everett Eldon Howell joined the family on May 9th. Angela and Grady now have three adorable boys - he is a chunk and so snuggly!
Baby #2
A few weeks later Baby Caleb Jared Suker joined the clan of now ELEVEN (soon to be 12!) grandchildren...our family parties are getting even more wild!
A New Home
Jared and Diana found a beautiful home in Herriman only a 1/2 mile away from Shan and Angela. They moved all weekend and after their first night in the new home Caleb was born, perfect timing! Included in this fun event is the fact that my parents are moving too! They have lived in their home for 22 years (pretty much my WHOLE life) but they decided to down-size so they bought the home with Di and Jared. It sounds crazy but it actually works out perfectly. This home is huge so it fits them all without a problem. My parents have their own entrance, a kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, family room and storage. Di and Jared have three bedrooms, an office, family room, three bathrooms, laundry room and a huge kitchen and dining room. Mom and Dad, Kennady and I will miss the morning walks/runs that we had with you but really you are still only five minutes away so I think we'll be okay! Congrats!
My parent's kitchen

Di and Jar's huge porch

Looking at Di and Jar's front door and stairs

The kitchen for Di and Jar

Camping at Main Canyon
We spent the weekend with the Wright's camping up Main Canyon. It was beautiful and so fun! I am addicted to the king size bed in their tent trailor. I'm not kidding we can even do sleepovers in your front yard :) With the "sticky" situation we got ourselves into the first day I'm glad the rest of the trip went so well - thanks guys!
Kennady tripped but it looks like she was being Bella (brandon and lizzie's dog that she is obsessed with)

Brandon trying to dig us out of a really terrible mess - thanks to Dori and Larry (aka Santa) they saved our trip!Brandon and Lizzie brought Apple Beer which Kennady loved. She was acting so silly and carrying the bottle around we couldn't help but take a few pics of her being "drunk". I'm sure if child services catch a peek at this picture we'd be in trouble but I promise it was just apple juice!Memorial Day
We spent four days at the cabin with the Peck family. Randy made the weekend extra fun by creating competition with multiple activities and games. Luckily Katie was my partner and totally relaxed she didn't mind that I sat a few of them out like the disgusting lizard hunt - way to go Katie for catching one for the team! We had a bike race, penny pushing, lizard hunting, frisbee golf, pool ball hitting, card games, cops and robbers (thanks Ri for being our spy we couldn't have done it without you!), shed hunting, and fishing. Riley and I also tried out our dutch ovens for the first time and made mountain man breakfast, peach cobbler and pineapple upside down cake. The breakfast and cobbler were delicious but the pineapple cake was ugh!

Oh and I can't forget to mention the crazy "Trading Spaces" day that we had the first afternoon we were up there. I've never painted and remodeled a room so quickly - it turned out so cute!
Like Mother Like Daughter
The other day I was doing aerobics. While I'm exercising Kennady usually putters around and reads book or plays with her toys to keep herself busy. Today she got into the cleaning rags and began dusting. I had to take a break and snap a photo because Riley teases me that she has my cleaning obsession - I think he might be right!
The Bees and a Suite
Randy and Diane got a box for the family to enjoy a Monday night game at the ballpark. They had delicious food, snacks and dessert available for us all game long in the suite. The Peck boys were most excited for the team the Bees played because it is the minor league team for the Cubbies! Riley was working his internship that day and night so he missed it - sorry honey we missed you! Riley works pretty hard he is gone two nights a week and wakes up early and stays out late so he is pulling in a crazy amount of hours for BYU and the DWR, luckily we are getting paid for all of this time! I love his master's program!

Five Years Down...Eternity To Go!
A couple of weeks ago Riley and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Wow - I love that guy! We had a gift card from work so we splurged and went to Tempanyaki, a Japanese restaurant - DELICIOUS! We ordered sushi which was so good, especially the pickled ginger? I need a recipe for that if anyone has any idea how they make their shaved ginger taste soooo good? We left with more food than we were able to eat - everything was delicious!

Wow this was a LONG post hopefully I'm caught up for awhile!