Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Blessing For Thanksgiving...

Rigdon Drew Peck has ARRIVED!!!
Our little boy arrive on Thanksgiving Day at 12:34pm which worked perfectly around my doctors and our families Thanksgiving meals. Of course we know they would have sacrificed their turkey meal to be at the delivery but because of the perfect timing everyone was able to do both :)
We arrived at the hospital on Thursday morning around 9:30am and they admitted me around 10:30am. I was at that point dialated to a six. They gave me the epi and from then on it was a pretty smooth delivery. He came quickly and within an hour or two I felt great! We came home from the hospital the next afternoon and because of my wonderful hubby I had the whole weekend to relax and recover with breakfast in bed and EVERYTHING!
Kennady has taken to Rigdon really well. Riley and I couldn't have imagined a more wonderful blessing on Thanksgiving then Rigdon. As most of you know it is a miraculous thing to have a baby and I am so grateful for my beautiful family. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for Riley, my two children and the MANY blessings I have been given.
Thank you everyone for your calls, visits, food and thoughtful gifts - we love you all!
The pictures below are in no particular order but they are some of the hospital and the first couple of days at home.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey Everyone!!!

Just as proof I decided to post a picture along with my blog today to prove we are still alive. Let's see what is going on....well really there is too much to say. However, most recently we are so excited and ready for our little guy to come. I am currently dialated to a 5 and ready to go anytime we are now just hoping he'll wait until AFTER Thanksgiving. As for Thanksgiving we are so grateful for the wonderful life we have. We have been blessed with Riley's grad school, his job, the place we live, our family and one (almost two) children that bring us so much joy! As for me I quit 1-800! I quit about 2-3 months ago...see how long it has been since I've posted? Wow. Anyway I worked with them for six years and that company was absolutely wonderful for me throughout my college years and the first few years of Kennady's life. I'm grateful I was able to be home with her and bring in a little money as well. So anyway we are alive and I wanted to let you all know that and I'll try to post something once this little dude comes into the world! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday! Love, Krista

Monday, September 14, 2009

Deals to Meals and Deer

On Labor Day my bosses, Shandra and Todd, took all of the Deals to Meals employees to Seven Peaks for the first annual Employee Appreciation Day. We had a great time and they were so generous to give us all such a fun family outing! Thanks guys!

The weekend of Labor Day we spent our time at the Peck cabin hunting, four wheeling and having a great time with the family. I was proud of Riley because he actually got a deer with a bow (first time ever) which means he has now completed the "cycle" I guess they call it. That means he has gotten ( I don't like to say killed :) ) a deer with the bow, muzzle and the rifle - you are such a stud honey!

I had to get a picture of this outfit that Riley was sporting while he was painting the cabin, do you remember those shorts? Wow I'm glad that fad has changed!

This shows you what a cool family I belong too, Grandma's shoot guns and husbands by their wives some pretty scary weapons, congrats Katie on the new addition to your family!

I love that Kennady has a tight grip on the antler of the deer and it doesn't even bug her - she is daddy's little girl for sure!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Up to my ears in....

I have had two days of sticky floors, sore feet and a steamy kitchen
but I have 102 BEAUTIFUL quarts of peaches to show for it, totally worth it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Great Outdoors....

We went camping with the Peck fam in Beaver for the bow hunt. This is a favorite spot of ours, it is beautiful and very secluded. Randy got a deer on Monday morning, it was a beautiful three point. Riley has the pics on his camera so I'll have to post one later.

Riley, Jordan (Lexi's Boyf), Rem

The boys are looking for Rem's arrow after he took a shot at a nice buck, this was his first year and he did a great job.

Jordan and Lexi

Randy and Diane

We enjoyed an afternoon of "cornhole" which is a game that Reagan built that is pretty silly but VERY competitive.

Court and Lex with "cornhole"

Here is my cute mountain man, Riley buzzed his head before the hunt. I love Riley's overalls he is such a farmer!

Reagan spoiled Nadie with a bunch of 4-wheeler rides.

Another family favorite is Frisbee Golf

Jordan, Lex, Court, Rem

Riley, Me

Here are some pics of Riley's job that he has with the DWR. He is working this summer for the division and for his research project with BYU so he spends his days in the mountains, I think he has found his nitch in life :) He was population counting the other day and came across some moose, it ended up charging him. Luckily, he was in a truck so he is alive to share the story.

Some might look at this picture and think Riley is holding up a DEAD no is actually ALIVE!!!! Can you believe that? I am still livid that he would dare sit and hold a LIVING bear even if it is sedated. You never know the medicine could've worn off a little early.

The other weekend the Peck boys traveled to Colorado to see a Chicago Cubbies game, ever since then Riley wants to name our little boy, Rigley (after Wrigley field). Ugh, it will take a TON of inspiration for me if that is the name we choose.

I love this picture - these boys are cubbies fans through the good and the bad and of course with the cubs there is a A LOT of bad! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We are aLiVe!

Here is a quick recap of the last month. Life is great. I hope you are all doing well! Kennady turned two and Reagan turned 25 last weekend, we had a luau to celebrate! I like to make a bday cake that reminds me of Kennady so this year a sea turtle was perfect. First, she LOVES the song "I had a baby turtle, his name was tiny tim..." and second she has a cute rolly neck with lots of skin which reminds me of a turtle :)

She got a bike from Nana for her bday. She also got some cute clothes from my mom - thanks for spoiling her!
The birthday boy, Reagan. We roasted a pig and he had to eat the tongue since the party was for him, ugh!
Riley led some brave souls in the haka dance...hilarious.

We had a hula hoop contest. I took third place, I think the prego tummy helped.

The pig
Here is our little two year old...she is so FUN and FULL of spunk!

Diane got luau outfits for the girls, they are adorable.

Riley got Kennady a pink bat, ball and glove for her bday - she loves watching baseball with dad. I'm hoping she'll change her mind and begin loving the food network with luck so far.

Kennady watching her cake turn into one stinkin' cute turtle.

I watched my neices and nephew on Nadie's bday for the afternoon. They were there to help with the cake decorating. The house was a disaster but we had fun.

Here are some pics of the 4th of July

Riley's parents, i love this picture.

Riverton parade

I remodeled Kennady's room since we can't have a purple all with the boy that will be joining our family soon. So I painted it blue..ADORABLE! I will have this color in my house one day...maybe even every room, I love it that much.

I covered our ugly bookshelf with a sheet/curtain that I made with pictures that Kennady loves to look at.

We went camping at the spruces

Riley brought his field guide books to look up every plant, flower and animal I love my biologist!

There is nothing better and more messier than a campfire marshmallow!

We had a chance to go to the temple open house with my grandparents, aunt and cousin that were in town. Grandpa spoiled Kennady and gave her a ride all around. It was a beautiful day!

Ashley and I bought a season pass to Classic, we've been only a few times but it has been really fun! Especially our cafe rio stops after :)

I hope you all have a wonderful last few weeks of summer, I don't post often but I do check your blogs, it looks like life is great for everyone!