Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Wedding Pictures (Below)

Every year the Peck family has the first FHE in October at the pumpkin patch! It is a fun tradition that we all look forward too!Leave it to Carter to pull a funny face there is no doubt he is his Father's son!
I love this picture because it expresses Kennady's true feelings about my obsessive picture taking. This was the seventh picture in the same spot and I'm sure she's thinking, "Enough is enough...."
Uncle Reagan was pushing her around like a little pumpkin...she loved it.
The fam. I love Kennady's smile and how she is so willing to share it I love to pinch her chubby little cheeks! However, we are all "extra" smiley in this picture because Laurie came up with a very unusual but funny sound to get us to laugh - thanks Laur!
Nana and Papa with the grandkids, Jacey was having one of those emotional female days - we are all entitled to them every so often.

Here Comes The Bride...

This weekend Reagan and Katie were sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. The wedding festivities began with a wedding dinner on Thursday night. The Peck family sure knows how to throw a great party! We had the dinner at the North Hampton Inn in American Fork. The food was absolutely FANTASTIC! They had two options; steak and chicken cordon bleu. I chose the chicken and it was honestly the size of my calf and the steak was almost the size of my foot - Riley and I were in heaven! After a delicious meal we had the traditional wedding toasts where everyone gives advice and usually sheds a tear or two. However, Reagan wanted to spice up the party a bit and throw in some Greek traditions (Reagan's mom is Greek). After each toast the "toaster" had to break a plate by throwing it on the ground. Diane found the plates for only $0.50 which is a great deal except they were almost a 1/2" thick - some had to try multiple times for the plate to finally shatter - it was hilarious! The next morning we had a beautiful ceremony at the temple. It is a favorite of mine to attend the wedding ceremony and to enjoy the spirit inside of the temple. The sealer gave some beautiful but very simple advice to Reagan and Katie. He advised that they lose themselves in the service of one another, he also adviced that they compliment and express their love often and easily. He counseled them to attend the temple frequently with one another and to set an example for their children. He reiterated many times how important it is to follow the example of those who have gone before and to continue to set an example for their children who will follow. I treasure moments like this because they are simple reminders to me of my many blessings. Riley, Kennady and my family are everything to me and because of the sealing power we will be together forever and to me that is exactly what heaven should be!I think the wedding colors were beautiful and fit a fall wedding perfectly. The men had brown tuxes and the girls were in champaign, gold and pink. We had some scary moments with the bridesmaid tops but thanks to Cindy (my neighbor) and a long day of shopping we found something that wouldn't be humiliating! I really thought everything looked beautiful that night at the reception.
Here is my cute little Kennady Lou! I think I kissed her cheeks off that night - she looked adorable. Thanks to my girlfriend all of the flower girls had matching bows and pearl bracelets - they looked so cute!
Here are the handsome men - Reagan wanted the groomsmen in cowboy boots which sounds silly but I thought their whole get up looked fantastic!
My little family - if it looks like we are freezing it's because we are! Luckily, the outdoor wedding was moved indoor so we only had to endure the cold for the pictures. Thank you Randy, Diane, Annie and Sam for a wonderful wedding weekend! Everything flowed so well and will be a wonderful memory for all of us! Also, congratulations Katie and Reagan! Like they care though they are on their honeymoon and I'm sure checking blogs will be the last thing on their mind :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

To Murder or Not To Murder...That is the Question

Many of you are aware of my husband's love for hunting (aka murdering). I knew this was something he enjoyed before marriage and I was willing to accept it with open arms. He has always invited and encouraged me to accompany him on his hunting trips and so I have grown to LOVE hunting with him. I think the reason is in four years I have ALWAYS missed the actual kill of the animal. So hunting was more like a beautiful ride through the mountains looking for beautiful animals - enjoyable right? I was sure naive to think my lucky and bloodless streak could continue for much longer. Last weekend Riley took Kennady and myself on an antelope hunt let's just say not one, not two, not three but FOUR dead antelope later I think I had hit my limit of death for a VERY long time. Let me just say that my hot dog in my chili dog was left untouched that night for dinner. No matter how unappetizing this experience was I will still support Riley, I'll just make sure the killing happens when I am not around :)The men and their kill...ugh!
Brandon, Riley, Reagan, Cory
These boys are just so fun that even though there was a lot of blood that weekend they made it enjoyable - thanks guys!

We slept in Brandon and Lizzie's tent trailor. I have been converted and someday when Riley and I have money we will get one that king sized bed was heavenly!
We drove around in this truck looking for the antelope. That of course got uncomfortable on the bumpy roads so someone came up with the idea to place our chairs in the back, Could we be anymore "White Trash"? However, our comfort was first priority and we hunted the hills in style!
I think Kennady supports her Dad's hunts 100% she smiled the whole trip!
There is nothing like a family photo with a dead animal - a little morbid don't you think?