Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Riley and I ran a 1/2 marathon a weekend or so ago and LOVED it! It was great to have Riley by my side throughout the whole thing. It was a beautiful race and a beautiful (but rainy) day!
Here are my cute kids with their great smiles! Life is good.

Oh and my sister and my bro in law had their fifth baby, so great! We love little Blake!

Monday, May 31, 2010

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More Pics...

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Riley and I just celebrated our six year anniversary, wow! However, it has been eleven years since we met one another. We have come a long way and we have two beautiful children and a very happy life to show for it. Thanks for the fun Riley, here are some recent pictures of our Memorial Day trip and Rigdon's 6 month pictures from JCPenney.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

I never do this...

Here are some pictures of the last few months....
rigdon's first cowboy boots
my smiley boys

riley's hospital stay...five long days

easter in st. george

cute little guy, kenna and i treat him like a little doll

his first haircut. at first he was very content until he heard the clippers and then he was petrified

disneyland with kenna and rigdon, riley had to stay home - we missed you!

rigdon's blessing

he learned to be so smiley with help from his sister

the guys in our family are on a gun kick....silly boys they all belong to the freedom brother's club

kenna building a tower

riley's job lately has been to track, test and monitor bear cubs and their moms

here he is about ready to go into a bear cave to tranquilize a bear....yikes he is crazy!

here he to his possible death...

here he is doing something with turkeys

cute little cubs were staying warm in his jacket

Honestly, it has been since the birth of our little dude, Rigdon, that I've taken the time to blog (almost six months ago). As some of you may know I was pressured into starting a blog without a real desire to do it because I'm a digital scrapbooker at heart.....and as you can tell the scrapbooking has won out in the end. However, I felt like posting a little something letting you all know we are alive.

Quick update.

Riley just finished his first year of graduate school at BYU. He is still an intern with the UDWR and loving his job and work. He is a biologist and has found his calling in life, I am so glad that he loves what he does and does what he loves! He spent five days in the Heber Valley Hospital a couple of weeks ago, he is recovering and feeling much better. We are both training for a half marathon together that we will be running in June.

In addition to mothering and enjoying my days full of exercising, reading, playing with the kids, cooking and whatever else I feel like doing I have been spending much of my time tutoring math students. This has been a fun hobby for me because all of my tutoring money goes into my "vacation" jar which paid our way to California in February and is also paying mine and Riley's way to Boston, MA this upcoming Friday! That is right we are going on a second honeymoon this Friday for EIGHT beautiful days. We are leaving the kiddos at home and looking forward to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, historical sites, seafood, Cape Cod and the beautiful ocean that we can see outside of our studio suite!

My two kids are doing well and growing every day! Kenna has a darling personality that keeps me laughing. Just today while we were at the library she pointed to a magazine that had Glenn Beck on the cover and said, "Mommy that is Barak Obama!" I just laughed because this poor girl is way over her head in politics. I guess that's what she gets having a family who is obsessed with Glenn Beck and other political figures! Rigdon is a sweet baby and has a very kind and loving demeanor, he is such a joy!