Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eighty Seven He's Almost In Heaven (not really it just rhymed!)

Happy Birthday Grandpa Perry
This weekend was my Grandpa's 87th birthday and oh what a birthday bash we had! I'd just like to say I don't think there is any other family like the Perry family that is more willing to PARTY!!! My uncle Doug came into town from Oregon to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday with him. My Dad, Uncle Doug, Grandpa and my uncle Alan attended the BYU game on Saturday afternoon. A few of the other family members decided to get together at my place for the game on TV before cake that night with Grandpa. Diana and I had talked and we planned on making pizza for our families. Thinking we'd need a couple of pizzas to feed my mom and the rest of us we thought one batch of dough would be just right. However, the Italian blood must give my family an increased ability to sniff out pizza, before the night was through we had a huge group to feed - I absolutely loved it! We ended up quadrupling the dough and mass producing eight large pizzas. I think after that night any plans that Diana and I had about opening a pizza parlor are now officially dead - just kidding it really wasn't bad we had a good time! I'd just like to say thank you to my wonderful family who is so supportive and eager to spend time with one another - you are all welcome back ANYTIME! Cousin Jeffrey, Alayna, Grandma, Cousin AJ, and Jared all hovering over the oven for the next available piece of pizza
Trying to get a smiling picture of my Grandpa is virtually impossible. I'm not kidding I have about five shots of this same pose with his birthday cake and then with my Grandma and these are the BEST out of all of them. If anyone is photogenic in my family I know it comes from dear old Grandma Lucy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shake your bon bon....

For those of you who don't know a bunch of ladies in my neighborhood get together at the church nearby and exercise four times a week. We do a variety of things; step aerobics, strength training, the ball, and my absolute favorite ZUMBA!!! Ruth is our teacher and she is phenomenal! She is fantastic and has all of the right moves! However, she still smiles at the rest of us and tells us we are doing a great job, she's a good liar! :) From the moment Zumba began in our ward I was hooked. I love to goof off and dance around so I guess Zumba takes care of that urge I have every so often to barge into the nearest high school stomp and groove a little bit! I have invited all of my family to join in the Zumba fun and I have successfully converted all of my sisters and just the other day my MOM joined the group. Yes, my darling and spontaneous mother was finally convinced to come to Zumba with us. She was great at it and not at all inhibited to show her moves. I just wanted to publicly thank my Mom for being so willing to get out and try new things. I have learned so many things from my Mom and the one I am grateful for today is her willingness to live life to the fullest. Thanks Mom for being so much fun - I love you! I have included a link so you can see the incredible moves we have learned....Enjoy!

P.S If you are interested about joining our Zumba fun let me know and we'll welcome you with open arms!


Friday, September 12, 2008

It's been too long...

Hello Friends and Family,
It's been over a month since my last post and I've realized many people have believed me to be deathly ill or vacationing somewhere exotic. Sadly, I am not vacationing and luckily I am not ill. So you might be wondering what has caused the lack of contact with all of you....it is really quite simple, DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING! Every extra minute I have on my computer I use it to digital scrapbook and because of that my blog suffers, boo hoo. It's really okay though I've totally enjoyed every minute of scrapbooking my cute little family. I have included an example of the title page for this year,

I want you all to know that I still make time to read all of your blogs and I love them. It is so great to be able to see what everyone is doing and how all of the families are growing and changing. So thanks everyone for being much more dedicated to your blog than I am. Here is a quick recap of what we have been up too...

We spent a day at Echo Reservoir with some friends. I've realized I am the BIGGEST chicken when it comes to water skiing I am impressed with myself because after many attempts I eventually made it across the wake without falling! It was quite impressive.

Evan, Tristin, Candice and Little Evan. They were all stuck in the mud.
Like every loving mother should we attempted to bury our children in the mud.

Cindy and Trent (Sorry Jason I didn't have a picture of you!)
The three of us on the "breathtaking" beaches of Echo
Unlike myself Riley is an absolute animal and is more than willing to try. This is one of the few times he has been wakeboarding and the moment he was up he was jumping across the wake....crazy hubby!
Kennady was in childhood heaven. She played in the mud all day long.
Another weekend we went to Left Fork Camping Ground in Huntington, Utah. It sounds like a crazy place to go but the whole family traveled down to watch a pageant. We stayed in my dad's hometown of Price, Utah. Riley, Kennady, my parents and myself traveled down earlier in the day to do some hiking.

Mom and Dad
It was a beautiful hike that at times led us along a little tiny, itty bitty pathway that had a mountain on one side and a deep river on the other. Luckily, we all returned without harm.
Grandma Lou and Kennady Lou. I think Kennady gets her beauty from her namesake!
I think Kennady might be growing out of her Bjorn. She does incredibly well in that thing and loves to dangle on Dad while he is walking.

Our next big adventure was the FLOOD. Yes, we had a flood. One morning I woke up to work and I realized that the carpet around my office desk was a little moist, strange. So I walked into the kitchen to get a rag and I stepped into two inch water on our kitchen floor. It was quite a remarkable site to behold at 5am - I could barely think straight. I woke Riley and we began the process of salvaging all of our food storage that was piled all over the floor. We were truly blessed because we lost such a small amount of food it couldn't have worked out better. The cold room, our dining room, the kitchen, the hallway and the carpet around my desk were soaked with secondary water from the sprinklers - it was really quite disgusting to see the clumps of goo on my tile floor after we dried out the water. My grandparents, my aunt, and my DAD were incredible about getting our home back together again. Thank you Dad for being so willing to rush up and help the moment it happened. I know I can always call on you to be there whenever I need you, which is good for me but not always good for you :)

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Peck's cabin. The Peck boys wanted to teach us girls how to bow hunt....yeah right....I think it was simply a reason for the boys to put their arms around their ladies :)

This is my new (soon to be) sister in law, Katie. I just love her. She grew up in a family of four girls, just like me. She hates it when the boys "fluff" at the dinner table, just like me. She is in love with a Peck, just like me. Pretty much we have a lot in common and we were meant to be in the same family. I am totally thrilled to have her in the family I have loved getting to know her. The only thing I think she shoots the bow better than I do and I don't like that!

All three of them assisted Diane in getting the bow pulled back, it is much harder than it looks.
I think Riley wanted to dance with me more than anything!
My shot
I just think Kennady has a really cute baby bottom so I love this picture.
Well that's our family for the last couple of weeks. Riley is back in school so our summer adventures our over for a time. However, we look forward to the many holiday parties I know we will have.
(Mom, how did you like my REALLY long post....hopefully it won't keep you up until 2am!)