Monday, June 25, 2012

Riley and I have been married for eight years. In that time we have planned and dreamed a million scenarios of our families' future and the location we'd settle to raise our family. In all of those years I never would've imagined it would be Fillmore, Utah. Honestly, I would've bet the farm (no pun intended) that it would be anywhere BUT Fillmore. However, as we all know Heavenly Father has a way of aligning our will to His so with that being said, here we are soooooo let the adventure begin.......
 Saying goodbye to my childhood home in Riverton and the home for our little family for the past 11 months. We loved our time here and we will miss the friends, ward and family that we are leaving behind. 

Four trucks, three trailers, four cars and a two hour drive later we arrived at our new home. Let the crazy unloading of all of our junk begin. I always claimed to be a D.I. fanatic and a constant declutterer (if that's a word?) but this move proved me otherwise, we were crammed to the ceilings with stuff.

 Our new home. It is everything we need. Cheap rent, enough space and lot's of old home qualities.
 The kids enjoying a picnic lunch on a cardboard box.
 All of our many helpers that spent their Saturday afternoon helping us. We couldn't have done it without all of you. Thank you, we love you!

 Rhett didn't really help but his cute smile was a motivator for me! Cute kid.

The kids were creative and invented a cardboard slip 'n slide (minus the water)

 There have been so many emotions with this move but all in all Riley and I know we are loved and we won't be forgotten, even if we are two hours away. All of the support has made this transition easier to manage, thank you everyone! We love you. We have been here a little over a week and here is the home as it currently stands.... 
 Our bedroom

 My own personal walk in closet, Riley has his clothes in his office. That alone made this move enjoyable!
 The family/master bathroom. It connects through the walk in closet and into the kitchen, that's a really nice feature!
 Riley's office. Kierra was an incredible help in putting this room together one night while he worked late. Thanks Kierra, you win the award for best helper for this whole move. I couldn't have done it without you!
 The steep and oh so dangerous stairs to the kid's rooms. I'm sure these wouldn't pass code these days but luckily for us, no accidents as of yet!
 Rhett's room with a spare bed for sleepovers, come on down everyone!
 Kenna and Rig's room. The kid's rooms connect with a door, it's like they are in one big room. The kid's love the basement and haven't shown an ounce of fear from the dark, the earwigs or the distance from us. We are very proud of them. 
 The view from the front door where the entryway is located.
 My favorite room of the house. The table, the chairs and the buffet are my pride and joy. Kierra and I stayed up way too late the week we were moving so we could finish this project. I'm so glad we did because they bring a smile to my face everytime I see them. Now, my new project is to make my curtains that match and bring all of this yellow and blue together. Oh it will be darling!

 My laundry room that is attached to the "man's room" which was once the milking station for cows. It is a very versatile room. There is a drain in the center of the room just in case we choose milk cows again. 
 The man's room.
 The second bathroom that is attached to the man's room. Back in the day they didn't care about hygeine which is why the sink is M.I.A, but what else does a man need than a shower and a toilet?

 This is the catch all room. It is mostly for the kid's toys, they have loved playing in there but the shelves have been converted to organize everything you might need in rural Utah (ie art supplies, tape, batteries, medicine, toothpaste, paper, power cords, nails and the list goes on and on and on...) and it also is my dried goods food storage on the other side.

 And last but not least one of my favorite rooms in the food storage. No matter where I go if I have a room like this nearby I feel right at home. Thanks to my cute hubby who spent all afternoon helping me put it together. 

We love you all and miss you very much! We can't wait until YA'LL can come visit! Until then, may you all be safe and know that "Someone In Fillmore Loves You"!