Monday, July 28, 2008

We're Back....

Here are a few pictures of our cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. We had such a great time with the Peck family - they are CRAZY!! Really though we made a lot of wonderful memories that we'll smile about for a VERY long time. This picture was taken on the formal night of the cruise - everyone dressed up and looked great! Randy and Diane won the best dressed award for the couples - they matched perfectly!
This was at the top of the Dunn's River Falls - it was breathtakingly beautiful!
My cute hubby wrote this on 7 mile beach on the Cayman Islands. (Thanks Laur for the idea!)
We buried Katie and Reagan in the sand - we thought this would be great picture footage for the upcoming wedding video!
This picture is just a slight preview of the hilarious dares we did late one night. This is my brother in law Dave standing in the lobby wearing Lexi's short shorts, sunglasses and sandals at almost 1am. There were too many funny and embarrassing dares to mention them all but I couldn't talk about this vacation without mentioning at least one of them.
The first night we arrived in Florida we went to out to dinner and then to Mama Mia. Mama Mia had such addicting music (Thanks ABBA!) we couldn't resist singing and dancing in the theatre. The singing and dancing continued even until the next morning when you can see we had a couple's Mama Mia Dance Off - thanks to my great partner Riley, we won $5.The next morning Randy surprised us all with a Cadillac Escalade Limo that escorted us from our hotel to our cruise ship. It was such a thoughtful idea on Randy and Diane's part - it made the excitement that much greater for us.
The two of us toasting to the carefree week we had ahead....don't worry it's just water!
In Jamaica we hiked the Dunn's River Falls. It was probably my very favorite part of the whole trip. It was absolutely beautiful. It's hard to tell but Riley and I are surrounded by the most beautiful rainforest.
It wouldn't be a great cruise without a little romance.
Thank you Randy and Diane for everything you did to make this a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. You two planned this vacation perfectly and I'm grateful for all of the time and money you put in to making it so wonderful. Riley and I really appreciate it and will remember this trip for a very long time! We love you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Family's Newest Edition

My darling, handsome, and hilarious brother-in-law Reagan is off the dating market - and I couldn't be happier. He officially proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, on Tuesday, July 15th. He anticipated a VERY romantic proposal in the mountains overlooking the valley and the sunset. However, it ended up with him falling in the river and proposing there (completely soaked to his thighs!) Nevertheless, Katie said yes and we are so happy! She is beautiful and very kind and the absolute perfect fit for Reagan. They have so many exciting things in their future and I just want to say CONGRATS to the two of you. We love you!


For those of you who don't know Riley and I are heading out of town tomorrow morning at 5:30am...wahoo! We are flying to Florida where we will jump on a beautiful cruise ship and sail off into the Eastern Carribean sunset. Thanks to my very generous in-laws we will be traveling with the whole Peck family (even the newest edition, Katie - CONGRATS!) Riley and I are so blessed for the many opportunities we have had to travel while we have been poor college students. We realize it is because of the generosity of our parents and we are very grateful to them. Thank you - we love you guys! Hopefully, one day we'll be able to pay back the favor to them and to our children. Speaking of children Kennady will be staying with my sister, Diana. Ri and I will miss her like crazy but we trust Di completely and we know Kennady will have a great time with her cousins. Here's a little tip Di, watch out for the rock walls...just teasing! Well until we return I hope you all have a wonderful week with whatever you may be doing. (This picture was taken on a previous cruise trip a couple of years ago)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Oh I wish I were a little bar of of soap!"

I had family in town this last week from California. To save ourselves from boredom Riley, Jordan and Home Depot provided us with an afternoon of fun - thanks! We had such a great time we continued the fun with the Peck family a few days later.

This will most likely be the ONLY post I ever have with me in a swimming suit....enjoy it while you can!

Yuba, Yuba and a WHOLE lot of Tube - a!

I know I had mentioned previously that we went to Yuba - here are the pics! We had such a great time - thanks to those who planned the trip. We're planning on it now every year - thanks for the new tradition! I just loved Kennady in her life jacket. She was adorable. Her chubby cheeks hung all over the life jacket and yet she still couldn't stop smiling. Every time the boat started to move she layed there lifeless - it was hillarious. I think it rocked her into a state of comatose.
Riley and Kennady
Here is a picture of the boys and their "tube wars". We had three tubes and the boys jumped from one tube to the other. You can't really tell but in this picture there are four boys on one tube. I'm not sure if there was ever a winner of the wars (I think it was just an excuse to wrestle and be crazy!) I made sure that my tube rides were nice and relaxing - thanks Brandon and Lizzie!
Kennady and Krista. Kennady loved the water.
The boys.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here you go....

Like my sister mentioned in my first post she is literally FORCING me to do my blog. She even posted pictures for me so all I had to do was write a little something. However, those didn't pull up on my computer (sorry Di). I decided I would post some so Diana will get off of my back, just teasing. Riley and I are loving this summer. Riley took the summer off so we have made it a family goal to go somewhere every weekend. So far we have done it. We camped on the beaches of Yuba and stayed at the Peck cabin. (We only made that family goal two weeks ago...but 2 for 2 isn't shabby!) We are planning a trip to Main Canyon next weekend. If anyone would love some traveling buddies just let us know we are up for anything! Well I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 4th of July.
Kennady and I hanging out at play group. My little swimmer. She was playing in the pool with her little friend, Evan. She is a flirt because she attempted to kiss him many times (too bad Kennady he wasn't interested!)
My sisters and I started a tradition for Father's/Mother's Day. We are too poor to buy gifts so we take our parents out to dinner. We usually go out with my mom and then with my dad but this year we had one big Father's/Mother's Day dinner. We went shopping later - that's a scary combo with five girls and my dad!
Riley and I love parades....and really, "Everyone Loves A Parade!!" (Laur you'll think that was funny :)). Anyway, we are now looking forward to the annual Riverton Parade tonight on the corner of 134th and Redwood Road. That has become a Perry, Peck, Madsen, Compton, Suker, Howell, friends and neighbor tradition! We love it!
Riley and his little girl - she is totally a daddy's girl!

Wild Sleeper!?!

The other morning I heard Kennady squawking in her bedroom. I went to get her and I found her smiling up a storm with her arm hanging out of her pjs. I'm not sure what she does while she's sleeping but it doesn't sound comfortable. I ran and found my camera because I thought it was pretty funny that she wiggled her little arm out of her sleeve. Uncomfortable or not she still slept through the night
without a peep! I love my "Wild Sleeper"!