Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hate blogging!

I am on vacation and I have spent the last TWO hours on this stupid computer (most people in my family don't say stupid but I don't care in certain circumstances it is acceptable) either way I've been stuck on this stinkin' thing for too long and I will no longer post a thing until I return home and have nothing better to do than sit inside while it is snowing. As for now I am going to enjoy the sun. Adios.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kennady vs. Pen

SHE LOST I must have scared her by my reaction because she burst into tears...sad little thing!

Any Excuse For Fun...

This last weekend Jared had his 30th birthday - wow are we really getting that old? Anyway, we all dressed up in 80s attire to celebrate the many generations he's lived through...anything to make our parties more entertaining! Thanks to the Peck women (Lexi and Diane) I was able to pull together an 80s outfit for me, leggings and all! I loved that Kennady let me rat her hair and she looked adorable in her leggings
Di put together this really fun movie with questions and things about the 80s and Jareds life. You did a great job Diana everything was so fun and the food was DELICIOUS!

Legging Girls!
Don't worry I have REALLY ugly green and blue eye make-up on...they aren't black eyes!

I loved Diana's outfit and Jared's stylin' leisure suit oh and seeing Diana's hair made me wish crimping was back in style - I LOVED THAT!

I had to post a picture of Todd's good looking outfit and his 15 inch in-seam...ha ha...nice Todd! Also, notice the pegged pants All of the kids were so excited for this birthday party they were even dressed for that occasion.

I think Riley really pulls my tight to the body shirt off really well - honey you can borrow it anytime!
Here are the 80s chicks surrounding the birthday boy - I loved Ang's bright pink lipstick and Shan's green ensemble!

Jared thanks for having a birthday so we could celebrate in such a memorable way! Happy 30th!

Dance Off...Kiss Off

This last weekend our stake had a Valentine's dinner and dance for the couples in our ward. When Riley and our neighbor Jason read that announcement they told each other they would definitely make other plans that night...ha ha...little did they know their wives happily signed them up in the other room :) It was so fun. Cindy and Jason we missed you but I am so grateful that you watched Kennady so we could have a romantic night out - sorry she tried to beat you up! Our stake went totally over the top for this activity we had such a great time. They decorated the gym with huge curtains so it felt like we walked into a tent, the table decor and everything else was really quite nice. We were also served potatoes, roast and a delicious cake. To top it all off we had a live band for dancing after dinner - oh I was in heaven. Thanks everyone for the fun and I'm looking forward to our "Cereal Buffet"...anyway here are some photos. Jeff and Shelley
Candice and Evan
Betsy and Abe
Sarah and William (they are WONDERFUL dancers, unfortunately Riley and I weren't great students!)This picture is to show the live band I think their name was "Midlife Crisis"
Sarah and William win the romantic kiss awardWay to go Jeff!
Yuck! I swear Riley and I are better kissers than this picture gives us credit for!You can tell Betsy and Abe have been married the longest...totally perfected!Way to go to Evan it must be something about the Young Men leaders that make them aggressive kissers!
Thanks everyone for the fun!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Thing...

I was on the church's website,, and saw this new thing the church now has Mormon Messages on YouTube. If you have a minute check it out it's pretty cool,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blogs are made for bragging...

Growing up there was a lady down the street from me (family you will know her, Lynette) who made the best rolls and baked goods. Everytime I was at her house they had the most delicious things to eat. I decided then and there that I wanted to grow up to become like Lynette, well no one told me how difficult it would be to bake bread. After five long years of countless failed attempts I believe last night I made my first official baking success. I used the Lion House Roll recipe that can be found on my sister's blog,, and with the extra tips from my Aunt Kath I believe I have acheived my goal. Now I might not be able to duplicate them but at least I'll know that once in my life I made a stinkin' good roll! This really is the best recipe they are soft and most and really dense - they aren't airy like most homemade bread. I also got ambitious and made homemade pigs in a blanket - oh my word I was in heaven! I used the really yummy Nathan's hot dogs (pure beef) and I felt like I took a trip back to childhood - really they were so good! Don't worry Riley and I didn't eat all six ourselves we made double for lunch today! If you think this sounds like a healthy meal I'll just tell you that we ended the night with homemade cinnamon rolls - can you tell we are on a diet?

Thanks for letting me brag and share in my joy - I can now die in peace knowing that I acheived my goal!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For whatever reason Kennady has the wrong idea about "Hello" she says it when we tuck her into bed...funny girl!

We Are Home....Finally!

It's been a long time but we are home from Kansas - wahoo! If any of you were bored enough to read the post I made while I was there you'll know that it was a vacation full of unfortunate events. However, once we got home the DVD player miraculously started working and our laptop has now been fixed and returned by HP. Sadly, there is no way out of the $160 speeding ticket Riley received for driving 19 miles too fast, oh well. Here are a few pictures of the trip... On our way home we were forced to drive as slow as 20 mph due to ice on the roads...we counted and it was near 12 or more cars that had slid off of the road. There was even a van that slid off of the road right in front of us and into the gully...scary! We were so grateful that we arrived home safely.
Riley is embarrassed because I'm taking pictures on campus - lame!

Here is the Biology building where we spent the majority of the time visiting with professors. It was a beautiful campus.

Unlike Riley I don't mind being cheesy and taking a picture!

Riley's look says it all, this is how we spent the night celebrating my birthday - good memories!

Inside the student center on campus
I do have to say that the midwest has some pretty incredible sunrises - try to ignore the dirty window.

Of course I had to document the speeding ticket with a picture

I look happy but honestly I really wanted to stab that laptop with the screwdriver I had in my hand...I just didn't think HP could fix the puncture wounds

Oh delicious my stomach is growling just thinking about the Texas Roadhouse scones.....aaahh! Yum! I know there were some annoyingly funny events through this trip which made it even better for Riley and me. If any of you are looking for a vacation I totally recommend Hays!