Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Vacation

Here are some highlights from the St. George trip (Riley's Graduation Vacation)! What a great time. The weather was beautiful, the late nights were late and the food was TOO filling! Thanks you guys we can't wait to do it again soon!

The St. George home that the Peck's bought - we love it! It is a beautiful three bedroom and two bath.
Crazy Girl!
Trent and Cindy. Trent looks like a pro.

Thanks to Trent peeing on the saddle right before my ride I had a nice soggy seat - ha ha!
She is loving it - like father like daughter.
Cool Dude!

Tristin LOVES horses and I think Kennady might follow in her love for them. They were both so excited to ride the horse.
Little Evan, Evan and Candice
Cindy and Trent
Riley are you scared? Evan thanks for showing Riley how to be a man! :)

So cute. This is Kennady's friend Tristin. They share a birthday on August 1st. Candice (Tristin's mom) and I are both pregnant again and are both due on December 5th! What are the chances???

Timothy Family
I just thought that was adorable. We kept telling her we needed to go and she'd say, "Mo....Mo...." of course that means more more.
We were adventurous and hiked all morning with four little kids - they were great though!
Lee Family

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations Graduate!

At the beginning of this month Riley graduated with his BS in Biology from the U. He refused to walk since he started grad school the following week so we had a family BBQ the day of his last final to celebrate. We had a great time at the BBQ and our adorable family was so cute with the fun presents they gave him. Riley I am so proud of you and your hard work - I am excited for this new phase. Hasta Luego UTES....GO COUGARS!
This picture cracked me up because the kids were playing in the fountain and when it exploded Isaac freaked out - poor ballerina :) The only thing I INSISTED on since Riley refused to walk is that we took fake photos of him in a graduation cap and gown (scrapbook sake). Thanks to Jared my bro-in-law who also graduated from the U he had the cap and gown for us to use..... we'll just ignore the fact that it is actually a doctoral gown....maybe one day????

The Pecks gave us quite the surprise with a brand new SCOOTER for Riley's graduation! We have been loving it - we go on night rides whenever we can. That was definitely a surprise for the two of us!

As a thank you for our parents Riley wrote each set of parents a thank you card and we gave them a picture of our family. In one corner it said, "Thanks for supporting ALL of us!!" and in the other corner there was an ultrasound of our new bundle of joy....coming December 5, 2009!
The three of us now have something in common...something other than being sisters! Our parents were so excited to hear our good news especially since it has taken us awhile to get this new little baby on the way. Thanks for everyone's love and prayers in that regard!
After the BBQ we headed off to a fabulous graduation vacation with some friends. I'll post about that another day because I have 180 pictures to go through from that vacation. Thanks for the fun everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I don't want to forget....

I haven't blogged in far TOO long so I have quite a few posts of random activities that I don't want to forget and since my blog is a help for my journal I figured I'd better do it....
Randy and Diane are so generous in every way but especially when it comes to giving their kids a little bit of culture...they have taken us to Les Mis, Riverdance, Mama Mia and now WICKED!!! My parents always get tickets and come with us as well so it's a pretty fun night. My mom and I went shopping that afternoon to get fun outfits for our date. We all went to PF Changs for dinner - oh I'm drooling about it now even a week later, it was delicious!!! For those of you who have enjoyed Wicked you'll agree with me that it was fabulous. The music was great and the story was so creative - thank you Randy and Diane for the fun and FREE night! My mom and dad at PF Changs
Some of the Pecks at the Capitol Theater

Randy and Diane

Dinner at PF Changs

Right before the play

Riley's mom is Greek and so are the other fifty million aunts and uncles on that side of the family. Each year Yia Yia (Grandma Goris) gets us together for a HUGE gathering of Greek relatives for Greek Easter. It was a beautiful day in the sun with the most delicious Greek food.

The grandkids were attacking Papa (Randy)

Randy and Diane sitting in the sun watching the rest of the family playing catch

Riley and Yia Yia

My Grandma and Grandpa Perry have been out of town for almost four months so the garden and WEEDS were out of control. They are returning home tomorrow so Riley and I recruited the help of our family to get the garden into shape for their return. It looked so good after everyone put in a few hours and helped one night for FHE. We were so grateful for the help. Not only will G & G Perry appreciate but so do Riley and I we would've been working on the weeds for DAYS...
Even the tiniest of the kids helped with the weeds that night...

Good little Jake he is a big helper...

Livvy and Conner

Riley, Me and my mom. It was good my mom was there because we took out a few things that we thought were weeds that she replanted - thanks mom!

Diana the Queen...she is on a bedrest for the baby that is growing inside so we'll let her be lazy this one time...

Kennady and Allie the princesses....they took after Diana's example!

The Peck Easter is something I look forward to EVERY year. I think it is because they spoil the adults and not the kids...finally one of the holidays we get a little bit of fun :) Randy and Diane set out an adult Easter egg hunt and we totally walk away with a large loot of stuff. This year RIley and I got three new DVDs, $25, $10 gc to Chilis and $10 GC to the movies....we couldn't believe our good luck! Thanks for the fun memories we love it....

Here we are holding the goods from the easter egg hunt...

Of course the kids don't get left out completely they also get a TON of candy!

Laurie and I love this tradition

Hunting for eggs

The cute Peck family...I love them!

Randy and Diane with Kennady and her Easter shoes. She was so excited about these that she did a little dance....

It is dangerous to let the three of these kids play together all alone for very undoubtably ends up in trouble!

The three of them got into Shandra's make up bag and through base all over her bathroom and all over themselves. They also through many things into the bathtub and filled it with water. The bathroom was a mess....

They were caught in the act but still smiling...

All of the goods that were soaked with water and covered in makeup

Here are a few shots of Kennady, she loves to pick out her shoes and hats for the day. We often go places with mismatching shoes because that is her responsibility

Riley often wishes he could see Kennady more but he spends a lot of time at school so we wanted to see if she would fit in his backpack....she did so I think I might send her with him tomorrow.