Friday, December 21, 2012

Recent Happenings...

Hello, anybody there? It's been a long time since I've blogged so for all I know nobody but my sister Diana is reading this...."Hi Di!" It's okay even if you are the only one appreciating our blog since you are the reason I'm doing this anyway ;)

Because of my sisters example I have made a personal goal to upload a few pictures from time to time of our life here in Fillmore.

For those we haven't seen for a while, we are loving life and enjoying our time here, it is quite the adventure! Merry Christmas to you all!

One of these warm winter days the kids were outside building a "campsite". I love creative play!
Rigdon loves this purple Grandma hat, should we be concerned?

Here the kids are before one of our favorite holiday traditions. We deliver awards and gifts to the houses with the best lights. We love it!
The other morning Riley called and said, "Dress the kids in their warm clothes and hurry outside!" Let me tell you I didn't expect to find a dead cougar in the back of his truck but I guess that's just another day in the life of a Fillmore biologist's wife! It was quite cool to see and touch one. What a life! 

Riley made me touch it so I did the best I could and touched it with TWO fingers!

Today we got in the mail one of the many Christmas presents ordered from Amazon, I LOVE AMAZON! It is the best way to shop when you live 50 miles from the nearest Walmart. Well anyway, we ordered three sleds for $20 (free shipping too!) and got them in the mail today. I couldn't wait for three more days so we bundled up and rushed to the nearest hill, oh what a riot! Rhett was my favorite part. I pulled him like this all the way around the park. He just layed their, frozen, either from fear or from the cold. Either way, he was pretty cute just plopped there!

Wish me luck. Hopefully this will become a regular routine for me to provide a glimpse into our life here in Fillmore. Oh and for those that don't know, we are buying a house here and will be closing mid-January! Yay! Let the adventure continue.....
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Grandma Lou said...

Hey kiddies,
I love it, Krista! I will definitely look you all up here! I love Fillmore too! Thanks for sharing with all of us--I miss playing with those little kidlets--but it looks like you're having a blast!!!

Grandma Lou said...

Love you guys! ;)

Kateka said...

Love the update!! Such cute kiddos. You should definitely post more often.